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I’ll start off by saying that I never write reviews but Pets at Rest deserves all the good things that I could possibly write.

My little boy Auggie was only 7 months old when we were given poor prognosis from the vet; it was devastating.

When I brought Auggie to pets at rest, we were greeted at the door by Dr. Dawnetta and Becky. They were loving, welcoming, and kind. They gave us as much time as we needed with him and were there to answer our questions. They showed us an indescribable amount of love and patience and I can’t recommend Pets at rest enough. IT IS WORTH EVERY SECOND AND EVERY DIME!

They gave my family and I peace during our darkest time so I will never forget that.

If you or someone else you know are thinking of the vet or a home euthanasia, consider Pets at Rest. it is the perfect middle ground.


Violet A.

My Highest Recommend

I knew, when my puppy first arrived, I would need help the day she needed to leave me.
I found plenty of unacceptable answers –

BUT, when the time arrived to say goodbye – so did our Perfect Answer.

I emailed Pets at Rest and asked for a meet & greet. These are friendly, comfortable people.

I wanted a personal visit. The place is Wonderful – like home – and I felt welcome immediately. I got to walk around, visit and overstayed because I felt as if I’d found family.

I started emailing my “slow walk home friends.” – Simply sharing things my pupster and I were enjoying – just so I’d feel connected. Often saying “we don’t need anything.”

My ramblings were always welcomed.

When I noticed our “first marker” – (signs that our life together was changing) –
Pets at Rest stood firmly with me as I continued to claim absolutely every wonderfilled moment possible.

Then, came time to make our “first official visit.”

I stopped to purchase a small bag of freshly baked puppster cookies.
The pupster knew we were visiting our new friends.
We had a party.
We got to know one another at heart level.
Dr. Dawnetta gave us tips –
oh, yes –
just because our time to say good-bye was getting closer –
didn’t keep any of us from wanting the best (and longest walk possible. AND Dr. Dawnetta has quality tips.)

The pupster and I still had lots of great times. We made hikes a little simpler but we never stopped being who we were . . .

We hit a “hard patch” – that lasted a few days . . . I couldn’t tell where we were in our journey-
so, I asked for a visit –
honestly saying maybe we still have more time . . .

Know What? The pupster rallied. She became So Pleased knowing she could visit her new friends . . .
It was “Party Time” – and my pupster and the Doctor wandered around getting a fresh bowl of water to wash down the small bag of freshly baked cookies that was part of the festivities.

AND – I was gently told – we were in a “Grey Area” – (so my heart could get ready.)

WE STILL had really good times.
The pupster still greeted the postal delivery person, she still stood in the window to cheer her favorite neighbor as he left for work – in fact, she behaved as if we had years ahead of us.

(Yes, I knew she was working hard – for me – for us. Love does that.)

When it was time, it was easy to know.
I sent a message – Pets At Rest got right back to me. I stopped for a bag of freshly baked pupster cookies. The pupster rallied – we enjoyed more awesome moments –
Nothing was Sad, Sterile, Frightening or Bossy – just us, the Best of Friends – walking each other home.

Since the pupster was “my person.” I was reminded I now have a Tribe at Pets At Rest –
and, never – at any moment – do I have to ‘”walk alone.”

When you get you next pet companion – or – when it’s time to walk home together –
I HOPE – you contact Pets At Rest . . . .



Now that the dust has settled a little I feel focused enough to talk about our amazing experience with Dr Dawnetta Woodruff Dvm at Pets At Rest Hospice & Home Euthanasia LLC one week ago Wednesday. First of all, they got us in the very day we realized Briggs could no longer stay here with us. My mom, Daniel, and I accompanied Briggs to his send-off. I honestly can’t remember a lot from when we entered the building. I was nervous and tired, an odd combination, I know. But, Dr Dawnetta and I believe an office assistant (I’m sorry I do not remember her name) greeted and welcomed us warmly. We were escorted back to a room that felt like a living room. It was all set up for Briggs. They helped Dan carry Briggs in on a large sling and gently placed him on a cozy rug with a silky soft pillow under his head. I sat on a comfy sofa in front of Briggs and mom sat in a chair to the right. I could have gotten on the floor with him but I chose not to. Truth is, we could have done almost anything we wanted or needed to do to be as comfortable as possible. There were drinks available for us if we needed them and there was soft music playing in the background, which we were welcome to change to whatever station we wanted, if we wanted. Dr. Dawnetta stayed with us the whole time and this made me feel better. I don’t handle death and loss well (shocking, I know), and as much as I was sure we were doing what needed to be done, and as much as I believe he is being set free and I will see him again, goodbyes just feel so painful to me, even if they’re temporary. Dr. Dawnetta asked us about our life with Briggs. She allowed us to ask her questions. Not just about the process but about her life and her experiences. It helped to ease my anxiety. It struck me how much like a therapist a vet has to be at many times throughout their career…especially a Hospice vet. She never knows what she’s going to get when a pet dies and she has to be prepared for just about anything. In my case, it was a chatterbox. Dr. Dawnetta asked if we were ready for her to give Briggs the first sleepy time shot. We agreed and she proceeded. We chatted a bit more and then she asked if we were about as ready as we were going to be. We nodded. Honestly, I was ready. I wanted this part over. I wanted to make sure he never again felt as awful as he seemed to be feeling prior to this appointment. She injected him with the final shot. Dr. Dawnetta had to inject him with more of the medication than originally thought and she was so good and patient as she explained to me why this was the case. I was fearful that he was fighting the medication, meaning he didn’t want to die yet, when in reality it just had to do with the lymphoma and his circulation. We stayed with Briggs until he was no longer in that cute but painful old man body. Dr Dawnetta graciously provided a paw print for Dan and I, as well as my mom. She gave us grief resources and she offered up a big comforting hug to each of us as we prepared to leave Briggs’s body behind. (She and her company are handling the cremation details for us). I can’t express the comfort Dr Dawnetta provides just by being the person she is. As long as it’s an option, we will always go this route with all of our beastie family members. We have NEVER had a bad experience with going to our vet for this process, but we enjoyed the extra care, comfort, education, and guidance Dr Dawnetta is able to provide because Hospice is her focus.


Michelle R.

Our sweet, funny and irreplaceable dog Loomis had kidney disease and it came time to let him go. This was our first experience with losing a dog companion and it was very hard for us. Dr. Woodruff showed the utmost compassion and care for both us humans and our dear Loomis. She was expertly helpful while we navigated a tough and emotionally difficult time in our lives. We have so much gratitude for her professionalism, grace and care.


Marcy L.

Maggie Marie spent her first eight years in a puppy mill. Over the next eight years, Maggie shared her forever home with a Giant Schnauzer, several Miniature Schnauzers, and a Golden Doodle.
Maggie lived on her terms, still fearful of trust, after these many years. Picking Maggie up to cuddle was on her terms. Walking past Maggie, on her terms, don’t crowd her space. All part of unconditional love given Maggie.

Maggie was a special little girl, with the happiest tail wag. I know her best friend, Bella, who passed away in June, was waiting for Maggie at the Rainbow Bridge.

Many thanks to Dr. Woodruff and her staff for their compassion and love shown to both Maggie and me.


Chris S.

I highly recommend Dr Dawnetta, her warmth and empathy was like no other. The location was so very peaceful, calm, and beautiful. Kylie was a feral dog and she would shake and tremble going to the vet. She loved being at Pets at Rest- she walked around and then laid down on a dog bed that wasn’t even her own! My other dogs and friends were invited to be with Kylie as she passed. It was so peaceful. In spite of my pain of losing her, I knew she went with dignity because of Dr Dawnetta and her awesome staff.


Dawn H.

The process of saying goodbye to a family pet is never easy. While I am not looking forward to going through the transition process again, I will certainly be using Pets At Rest when my dog needs it. In my professional business, I frequently analyze processes to determine how to improve them. I can honestly say that there is no way to improve this process. It was flawless from start to finish. My 13 year old lab (Ignatius, Iggy for short) had been declining in health for a couple of months, and I had been planning on bringing him to his regular vet to help him move on. While I had an appointment scheduled for a Monday afternoon, Iggy woke up on a Friday experiencing significant quality of life issues that demanded immediate attention. I called his vet to see about moving up his appointment, but the vet was out of the office for Friday and the weekend. The office recommended I reach out to Pets At Rest. At first, I was somewhat skeptical only because I had never heard of this type of service, aside from an in home procedure which was not on my radar. I called and spoke with Suzie who immediately struck me as calm, professional, and caring. She let me know there was an opening within an hour if I could make it and I jumped at the chance. Suzie clearly explained the paperwork process (which was streamlined and handled via email). On my way out to the Pets At Rest facility, I felt somewhat at ease that Iggy would soon be free from his pain, but I was still a bit anxious about the procedure. That anxiety immediately subsided once my wife and I met Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff. She immediately comforted Iggy and he seemed relieved to be in her care. She carefully explained the procedure and that we had, in fact, made a good decision which was comforting. The actual process was quick and painless and performed in an extremely nice setting. This isn’t a sterile, cold, medical facility…it is a home atmosphere complete with treats for your pet and lots of last hugs and kisses. Once it was over, the Pets At Rest team took it from there. You have options for things like paw prints, ashes, etc. so you can have that keepsake of your family friend. Like I stated at the start of this, I am not looking forward to my next transition event, I most certainly will be going to Pets At Rest and will be recommending them to any and all pet owners faced with this task. Thank you again for everything. I could not be more satisfied.

Thad N.

I can’t speak highly enough about pets at rest and their wonderful doctor! We had to say goodbye to our Great Dane and they were wonderful from the very first interaction to the last! ❤️

Kala F.

Willow was my baby and I miss her terribly. But I want to thank the people at Pets at Rest for their compassion and kindness. They treated us like family and were so sweet and kind. I have had to have pets put to sleep before and it was a nightmare experience. But this time it was, of course hard and heartbreaking but it was quiet and calm and she was in my arms at all times. So it was a beautiful transition for my loving Willow, she was not a pet she was a companion a family member and she was an Emotional Support Animal.
I can never thank Pets at Rest for the compassion and support they showed me and sweet little Willow on the most difficult day of our lives. I have had to a pet put to sleep many times over the years and it was always a cold heartless experience. But I believe the Lord led me to Pets to Rest because I simply couldn’t have handled that heartless experience with my Sweet Willow. And they treated both of us with Kindness and Respect and Compassion. And I will always be grateful for that. They have a Rainbow fund for people who can’t afford the service like me. And I will certainly be donating to the fund. And even though I couldn’t pay for the service and had to use money from the Angel fund for Willow. They still treated us like we had paid for the services. They are à remarkable place ♥️

Teena L.

Dr Dawnetta Woodruff and her staff are compassionate and empathetic to each individual families needs. She is not only a dedicated and knowledgeable vet but also a loving, reassuring person. I have trusted and felt her respect and love through several senior kitties euthanasias after running a senior cat rescue for many years. I have always felt relieved and calmingly thankful with her help. I wish every animal could say goodbye with the love and respect given by Pets at Rest!


Jean E.

Dr. Dawnetta and her staff were absolutely wonderful on what was a very sad day for us. We are grateful for her compassion showed to our senior dog and the support we were given during and after. I was unsure how our dog would do at the center; he was always a nervous wreck at the vet or groomer; but he was surprisingly relaxed. We are missing our boy but glad we chose Pets at Rest for our final goodbye.

Joan W.

There comes a time when we must become our pet’s best friend. The sparkle in their eyes, the spring in their steps and their quality of life are no more.

It is a difficult decision, but one made bearable by the caring professionals at Pets at Rest. Dr. Woodruff and her staff allowed my Miniature Schnauzer, Bella, and me to have a beautiful, loving and comforting experience.

As I left Pets at Rest, I knew I had been Bella’s best friend and Pets at Rest had been mine.


Chris S.

We unfortunately got to the point with our 15 year old lab that we had to put her down last night. Although we reached out last minute, they were able to get us in and really prioritize Scout’s care. As painful as the process is, our experience with Pets at Rest was absolutely incredible. From talking to them initially on the phone to them being with us and helping us at every step through the process it was clear that Dr. Woodruff truly cared about Scout and our family members. Her empathy and warm reassurances were exactly what we needed at such an emotional point in our lives. I’m normally not someone who leaves reviews, but I can’t emphasize enough what a blessing it was to have Dr. Woodruff with us and her tremendous level of care and empathy throughout such a difficult event creating a peaceful and loving atmosphere for Scout’s passing.


Taylor F.

Dr. Dawnetta is a godsend. So compassionate, understanding, kind , and a fabulous listener. She has been there for me twice now in helping my pets go to rainbow bridge. My 14 yo girl got sick and she absolutely hated the vet’s office. She would freak out every time we pulled into the parking lot. There was no way I wanted her last moments to be spent somewhere where she was so anxious and uncomfortable. Pets at Rest was the absolute best choice for her to transition. Such a beautiful, private space, filled with nothing but people who have love and compassion. My baby girl got to rest on a comfy blanket & pillow. I got to take my time with her and say goodbye to her on my terms. Pets at Rest, Dr. Dawnetta, and all the staff are amazing and I’m forever grateful for helping me let my girl go in peace and filled with love.


Sandy M.

Dr Dawnetta is simply the best. She has helped us with multiple pets and is always professional and so kind, and compassionate at the same time. Her new location is easy to find and so comforting for pets and their owners. It’s nothing like visiting a veterinary office; it’s truly a home.


Jill A.

On March 21 we were unexpectedly faced with saying goodbye to our beloved 13-year-old Samoyed. We were in shock but knew that we wanted time with him before we had to let him go. I knew that Pets at Rest had recently opened their doors and I had already shared a loss with Dr Dawnetta before. I knew that I needed to take my beloved boy to her. We were able to connect and drove to the location. Upon arrival we were received with love and compassion. Jersey and we were led to a beautiful and peaceful comforting room where we could share our last moments with him! He was inquisitive and safe. Dr. Dawnetta spent loving time with us and talked to us about his condition, gave us encouraging words, all the while giving love to our boy (he insisted as that was his claim to fame, even though he didn’t feel great!) She was so calming and helpful with our emotions and Jersey’s care. We said goodbye in the most peaceful and loving way! We had a beautiful pawprint made, we had his sister come in to say her goodbyes all on her own terms. This was probably the most comforting goodbye we have ever experienced. The hospice home is so comforting and truly prepared for any loss situation.


Debbie P.

Dr Dawnetta is compassionate, knowledgeable, and kind. Her guidance through the difficult decisions is comforting and so helpful. I am so grateful for her and her team!


Eve B.

We are forever thankful for Dr. Dawnetta. When our first dog became geriatric, we weren’t sure what to do or who to turn to. We found Dr. Dawnetta and she was everything we needed and more. She was kind, caring and open to what our thoughts and concerns were. She truly listened to what we had to say, gave us great advice and provided the help we needed to have some additional time with our beloved Samson. Shortly after losing Samson, we called Dr. Dawnetta about our Hurricane Katrina rescue who had chronic pain issues, ortho issues and year-round allergies. Once again, we were given excellent advice and Sonny received the best care possible. Following the passing of Sonny, we called upon Dr. Dawnetta again to help with our two senior greyhounds. We were met with the same compassion, thoughtfulness and wonderful veterinary care that we had received in the past.

Every time we’ve needed Dr. Dawnetta she was there. We’re so grateful that she was able to provide pain management and help each of our senior dogs pass peacefully in the comfort of their own home. I truly believe that our pets had a much better quality of life once she began providing care to them.


Jennie H.

I’ve known Dr. Dawnetta for several years now and have interacted with her over the internet and in person several times. She possesses a rare skill set that makes her uniquely qualified in her work. She consistently provides detail-oriented, skilled, loving care to pets and also possesses the empathy, people skills, and general “reading the room” abilities to work smoothly with pets’ guardians during emotionally tough times. Dawnetta has a generous heart and an unsinkable spirit, and is extremely personable and friendly. I admire this especially in light of the huge workload she is often under.


Amy G.

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