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Memorial Items

We understand that each person wants to honor their pet’s memory in a different way.  Included with an end-of-life visit, we provide you with a few memorial item options:  a memorial booklet, a clay paw impression, a clipping of fur, and a resin fur keepsake.  You can choose to have all or none of these items – whatever feels best for you and your family. 


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Memorial Items in St. Louis

We include 1-2 paw prints (with name or without) and 1-2 resin keepsakes (heart or oval) with your visit, at no charge. If you would like additional paw prints, they are each $15. If you would like additional resin keepsakes, they are each $20.
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Paw Print

Pet In-Home Euthanasia

Paw Print With Name

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Resin Fur Keepsake

Other Options

We also have two optional memorial keepsake items: glass paw print, and recorded heartbeats.
Glass paw prints: we make an impression of your pet’s paw, and a glass artist then creates the piece for you. These items take 3-4 weeks to be returned to you, and cost $80 each.

Pet In-Home Euthanasia

Glass Paw Print

Recorded Heartbeats

Dr. Dawnetta will make a recording of your pet’s heartbeat while they are sleeping (after sedation and pain medications have been administered, and are allowing them to rest comfortably). Following the visit, you will receive an email with a PDF of your pet’s heartbeat, and a link to listen to the audio file. The cost for this memorial item is $25.
If you have any questions about our memorial items, feel free to ask us by phone or e-mail before your appointment, or during your visit. We hope these items will bring you comfort.